Wednesday, June 19, 2013

long hunter state park: bryant's grove

we spent a couple hours at bryant's grove monday afternoon and g wanted to go back better prepared today.  i was in a good mood and feeling accommodating, so i picked up g's bestie again took the two of them over.  i think if i hadn't been in a good mood, this blue sky full of happiness makers would have put me there real quick.  such a beautiful day.

when i am old(er) and he is grown, this is the image of him that will forever be burned into my memory.  my child in his element.

he is always so eager to share his finds and catches with me and my camera.

and his smile too.  such a generous soul.

and with the bestie too.  i treasure these moments.

the one thing that we miss from our apartment days is the pool.  i think we have discovered our new version of the pool.  this section of percy priest with beach access for swimming is only five or so minutes from home.  nice.  several of the boys were trying to ride the boating buoys.  it reminded me those mechanical bull scenes that were popular in 80's movies.

g was lamenting the fact that he brought his net today (they didn't have it monday), but the crawfish weren't out.  well, while the boys were bronco busting, i was sitting on the shore reading and noticed this behemoth appear out of nowhere right under my toes!  seriously, the biggest one i've ever seen!

g ran to shore to snag it and, of course, posed for me again.  won't this be a great shot for the slide show when they're all graduating seniors?

you may have thought i brought the camera to document the boy.  for sure i did.  but truly the motivating factor was this amazing field of wild black-eyed susans and purple coneflowers.  you know i brake for flowers!

these photos were taken around 4:00 in the afternoon when the sun was still pretty high in the sky and intense.

i am already making plans to go back in the early evening.  i know the lighting will be stunning on these beauties.


happy butterflies.  i remember these from my childhood in florida.  so far, all of the tennessee flutterbys i recognize from my butterfly chasing days.  i am wondering about the monarchs and viceroys though.  i haven't noticed them yet and am wondering if they don't come this far north.  but i think they do.  maybe they're just not here/out yet.

and this gem is a new one for me.  i noticed it as we were leaving.  need to look it up!

you know, at one point this afternoon i was actually mentally complaining about getting nothing done again today.  how crazy is that?  i think we all need more "nothing" days like this in our lives.  yes indeed.  and thankfully, the mental complaining only lasted for about 6o seconds before i totally came to my senses.  :)

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