Thursday, June 20, 2013

the great american pastime

monday night we took our cubs to see the sounds play baseball.  this was the conversation i heard earlier that day while i had these two at the lake . . .

g: baseball sucks
j: yea
g: the only sport i like is fishing.  and swimming

luckily he's gotten plenty of both lately.  uncle greg and aunt debbie stopped by last weekend and g got to spend three blissful hours at the bass pro shop with uncle greg while my sister and i played mall rats.

then the next day we spent hanging out at the rv park at nashville shores.  g got a lesson in fly fishing then the two rented a paddle boat and tried their hands at it for reals.

this is g's first fish caught on a fly rod.

i'm not sure who was more proud, g or uncle greg who had an iphone photo of each of the five fish g caught on the fly rod.

and here's g happy as a lark that he finally snagged some pool time at his buddy's house.

and one more baseball story to bring us full circle.  another overheard story between g and one of the other moms there . . .

g (somewhat confused after the first inning): it's halftime already?
cub mom: it's not halftime, this is the end of the first inning.
g (even more confused after the second inning): how many "endings" are there anyway?
cub mom: nine. you've got a long way to go.
g: well, i'm gonna need another snack after the third "ending" or i'm not gonna make it.

so much for the great american pastime.

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