Tuesday, June 25, 2013

randoms . . .

many thanks to betsy for another fabulous blog redo!  she even knew instantly where to find the cute flower graphics i wanted.  that betsy sure knows here way around the webosphere!

i am still absolutely 100% loving mowing the one acre lawn with my old push mower.  no sarcasm at all.  love it truly i do.  only problem is the neighbor boy.  he's in middle school, stuck at home most days with just a bicycle and motorbike to keep him company.  i'm not sure if he's super bored or just loves the riding mower but he is always wanting to mow my lawn!  and i want to mow my lawn!  i have such a hard time saying no to his puppy dog eyes every week when he comes knocking so i cave and let him finish up.  one week he actually beat me to it and mowed the whole darn thing!  that was a sad week.  this week i finally put my neon converse foot down and said no.  a friend was over and she laughed and laughed at me all afternoon because i felt so bad.  it's just a hard thing knowing that chivalry is not dead and i'm stomping all over it.

i will apparently do anything to stay out in the sunshine as i'm also enjoying hanging the laundry out to dry.  i've never bothered with fabric softener before as i'm no domestic diva, but i think i need to give it a whirl if i plan to continue with this energy conscious trend.  our towels are getting a bit rough.

have any of you ever seen pink edged queen anne's lace?  i hadn't, but i've found this beauty on my walking route.  i wonder if it's normal, a rare strain, or a mutant.

i've also been dabbling with a bit of crocheting lately even though my lap kitty tries to help a little too much.  are any of you yarn goddesses?  i'm wondering about some good places to shop online.  i really only like to work with cotton yarn and there isn't much of a selection of that at the local big box stores.

off to edit more pics!  i'm loving blogging in my freshened space!  :)

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  1. I've seen Queen Annes lace like that, but it's been about (cough) 35 years and it was in northern Indiana. Queen Anne's lace was always my favorite when I was a girl. If you put it in water with food coloring the "lace" will take on that color. Makes for some fun bouquets.
    Thanks for the memories! :)