Sunday, September 1, 2013

august photo challenge: part three

***the scrapbooking from the soul class giveaway is open until 2:00 p.m. CST today!***

here is the last batch of august photo challenge images in the order in which they were taken.  these are all from my instagram feed.  some are somewhat lame interpretations of the prompts, but that's what happens when one waits until the waning hours of the month to to one's photos.  lame or no, i think they are all fairly solid representations of our daily lives.  this was a fun challenge and i'm looking forward to starting september's literary version today.  i've also got several more posts to post today, so i'd better get this one to press pronto!  let's get started . . .

coffee, tea, or me - there was a purpose for my posting this awkward photo on instagram.  one of my students, a skinny teenaged girl, was complaining about her weight, so i told her she needed to go running over the weekend and post a selfie on instagram so i'd know she did it.  she did, so i rewarded her with this selfie of myself holding the herbal essence curl enhancing mousse that she had recommmended to me.  and now i have posted on awkward photo of myself on yet another public forum.  fun times.

shrimp on the barbie - my son is not a shrimp, but this is the closest i got to that prompt.  i had intended to take him to logan's for popcorn shrimp (and steak for myself), but we never got around to it last month.  maybe today?

school daze - i worked the ticket booth at mjhs's first home game friday night.  it was our second win of the season.  go bears!

looking up - chichi likes to hop in the tub and have a hot sip after g or i have had a shower.  funny cat.

get to the point - i cannot write with mechanical pencils.  i am way too heavy handed.  i tell my kids that i can't even think with them.  plus, i simply adore brightly patterned  wooden pencils.

apple of my eye - this is my lunch lately (at least on the days i pack it instead of grabbing a salad at wendy's).  sardines or tuna, carrots, and an apple.  don't worry; i eat the sardines/tuna in the parking lot before entering the building.

framed - this is pepito in his current favorite napping spot.  he's "framed" in the doorway.  lame.

slim pickin's - this really isn't as bad as it looks.  i tend to only buy what i need for that week's meals and i've gotten good about putting leftovers directly into the freezer.  i hate wasting food and since it's only g and i, we just don't eat a lot from day to day.  honestly, the truly distrubing part of this photo to me was the fact that i'd run out of coke.

sweet, sour, or sassy - hence the desperation run to the dollar general for a new case of coke and these bad boys.  chelle and mason had come over for a playdate and brought the chocolate version.  i don't like chocolate donuts and kept thinking about the powdered ones.

ant's eye view - g and mason playing legos.  i think the prompt resulted in a much more interesting perspective that what i normally would have taken.

don't blink - me and my sweet potato.  i think i have done really well in taking a photo of me and g together every month for aleida's challenge.  i love having these pictures of the two of us.

i actually have one more photo to share for the august photo challenge, but i'm saving it for its own post.  it's special.  you're going to enjoy it oh so much.  ha.

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  1. I have two decades of unsharpened pencils that my kid has been given for holidays, etc. My first thought when I saw your 'get to the point' is that I should send them to you. ha!

    Thanks for the wonderful prompts! Can't wait to see the last extra special photo.