Saturday, September 7, 2013

september photo challenge: part one

great expectations - i snapped this one the morning of september first.  chichi had gone out to see what the morning had to offer.  i think september will have great things to offer . . .

miss peregrine's home for peculiar children - pepito is such a scaredy cat.  at the apartment he used to hide under the bed when the mowers came.  it just struck me as odd that he was sitting at an open door watching the neighbor weed whacking.  you can tell by his cocked ears that he's pretty nervous about it though.  silly kitty.

50 shades of grey - and here is mr. peculiar again.  enjoying a nap.  all is right with his world.

happy at home - another early morning shot before school.  the sun was just starting to burn the fog off the field.  all the photos i'm sharing today were taken at home.  i love it here in the country.

the color purple - heavy dew on the clematis in that same early morning light.  stunning.

"a boo radley moment" - i went to deadhead my nasturtium the other day and almost deadheaded this little guy.  shivers.  he moved over to my verbena the next day, and i decided to get his pic.

rot & ruin - not sure why these tomatoes are rotting on the vine.  maybe the zombies got them.

perks of being a wallflower -  she looked so pretty out there with the flowers and shadows.  i knew i had to get a quick shot as kitties are notorious for moving just as you point the camera their way.  luckily this one is in focus and somewhat nicely composed.

"we go together like peas and carrots" - g had a sleepover guest last night.  these two have been besties since j was 14 weeks old and g was 10 weeks old.  currently they are minecraft junkies.

the book thief - i have a penchant for lifting books from school.  from bottom to top - current read legitimately checked out from the afternoon high school's library, "borrowed" from the afternoon high school's book room, borrowed last year from the english teacher in the room next door to me at my morning high school, i don't even remember where i "borrowed" this one from, a cast off from the morning high school's library, borrowed last year from my sister.  i'm currently reading the bottom one and g and i are reading the top one together.  the third from the bottom i already read and it was beyond excellent.  i think i will finish my current read in a day or two and then move on to the one above it.  it's nice to be back in a book frame of mind.

i'm way enjoying our photo challenge this month.  did you notice i'm actually ahead of the game?  yep!  ten out of thirty down and it's only the seventh!  go me!  you're welcome to join along.  most of us are doing it as a scavenger hunt instead of a photo-a-day, so you wouldn't be "behind."  this month we've gone with a literary theme and it's so inspiring.  you can see the full list and join in on the conversation HERE.  you can read with us too if you'd like.  we've got a pick your own september book club going.  open a book and fall in.  :)


  1. SO impressed Doris! These are stunning photos I do hope you scrap them! I love them all!

  2. I love the light in your photos and the kitties. My kitty, James, does the same thing when the lawn people weed whack around our house. He's scared, but oddly compelled to monitor them. I tend to think that he's guarding us or standing watch ready to warn us when the weed whacker breeches a specified perimeter.

  3. I always enjoy seeing your photos. They are always so warm and full of character.