Saturday, September 14, 2013

september photo challenge: lebanon flea market

oh the places you'll go - we finally headed over to the lebanon flea market today.  i've been meaning to go since the spring and just haven't.  now i wish i had gone in the spring and am already looking forward to going next spring.  such a fun place - it's a farmer's market (including poultry and small livestock), greenhouse/nursery,  flea market, and mexican cantina all rolled into one.  i snapped this photo as we were driving out.  today is just lovely.  the temps have barely hit 70, the skies are so blue and clear, and this truck is evidence that all is just around the corner.

the birds - we checked out the chickens first.  we thought we might get some this spring (just 3ish and no roosters), but couldn't quite manage it.  next spring for sure though!  i'm wanting 2 barred rocks (i adore the zebra stripes) and a rhode island red (for contrast). these two were sure cuties though.  the owner was busy, so i didn't get to ask what kind they are, but their feathers are sure beautiful.

the hunger games - we actually weren't quite hungry when we got there, but as soon as i saw the mexican food wagon, i knew i was going to have to eat lunch there.  they had tacos al pastor and mexican coke!  mmmmmmmm!  g had a cheese quesedilla and carne asada.  so good.  hoping to talk carrie into going after church tomorrow.

 the scarlet letter - g spotted this guy right after lunch.  creepy cool.

the happiness project - here is our haul.  can you believe all this for only $18.60?!  can't wait to swing through kroger and do some comparison shopping.  but the thing is, there is really no comparison.  the mango and pepper are mammoth sized and everything is so unbelievably fresh.  i usually get decent produce at kroger, but not this plump and shiny.  i see some tortilla soup and papaya con limon in my near future.  and to think this place is only 8 minutes away!  i think i will be buying the majority my product here from now on.  especially knowing i can get a taco afterwards.  ;)

loving the september photo challenge prompts at get it scrapped!  they are really inspiring me to get out and take some fun pictures.  my project life pages are going to be happy ones this month!  there's still plenty of time if you want to join in the fun!  :)


  1. I am so jealous of your farmer's market! The chickens are quite pretty. I love their feathers. I am jealous you got Mexican coke too. It's the best coke there is!

  2. Only you would pick your chickens because they'd contrast. LOL Those chickens sure are purdy! We are in Blue Hen country, so we don't see many pattern variations. We they say DE is the Blue Hen state they are not kidding.

    I will say that chickens crossing the road has stopped traffic. (who knew I could talk so much about chickens?)

    I think that even if the grocery store is cheaper or comparable to the farmers' market, the taste of farmers' market produce is far superior AND you support your local industry. Enjoy all your goodies!

  3. I am loving your Scarlett letter as well so cool! Good eyes G! Great photos Doris!