Sunday, September 29, 2013

september photo a day: webelo outdoor challenge

the joy luck club - i'm titling these first four photos "the joy luck club."  even though we didn't bring home the actual prize for the webelo outdoor challenge, these boys are definitely winners.  they worked hard, won all their competitions, and had tons of fun!  what a great weekend!

here they are competing in the first aid challenge . . .

and totally rocking the dining fly competition . . .

and the pick-up football games . . . there's just nothing like fall football, is there?  it was so awesome to see these guys get into camp out sports for the first time.  they're growing up!

little house in the big woods - our tent is always the smallest.  i like it that way.  it's easy to put up, quick to pull down, and holds in all the body heat we can generate.

"reading is a gift" -owen meany - i started a new book this weekend, and this is the spot where i decided it was going to be a good one.

rear window -  the view from our tent.  this shot doesn't quite do it justice.  i only brought my 50mm lens and needed a shorter range to get the right angle on those clouds.  you get the idea though.

outliers - this photo amuses me.  what can i say?  i have a rather distorted sense of humor sometimes.  i'm not gonna lie either.  i do not sleep well on camp outs.  i took two disjointed naps yesterday and am eagerly anticipating an early bedtime tonight.  so looking forward to some clean, dry sheets and a soft, cozy bed.  i can hardly wait.

can you believe i've finished my september photo challenge?  and a day early!  i'm so proud!  and i love all the photos i took this month.  i'll definitely be planning another one early next year.  for october, though, i'm thinking a little haiku challenge is in order.  would you like to play along?  come on!  join us!

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  1. Love them Doris! I am so glad you got great shots of your camp out and had a wonderful time. I'm in on next month and whatever you do for winter months. Let me know if you would like some help.