Friday, September 20, 2013

good blog reads

a few blogs i've picked up over the last couple months.  if you're only going to read one, choose one from these first two.  they are both stunning.

floret flowers - an organic floral gardener and designer on the west coast.  you know i brake for flowers.

manger by mimi thorisson - a french food/lifestyle blog.  the writing is charming.  the husband is the photographer.  his editing is slightly darker than the current style among scrapbookers and it is gorgeous.  the juxtaposition of photos is delightful.  each post is a feast.  truly.

kellie falconer - young entrepreneur.  sewer of skirts.  refreshing.

caught on a whim - mix of crochet and beginning sewing.

a creative being - strictly crochet.

the littlest polly - ok. i obviously have a thing for blogs with girls who wear brightly colored clothing (and hair).  perhaps this is what influenced me to buy the fluorescent peach hedgehog sweater.

house of humble - lifestyle.  vintage. living organically.  living thriftily.

the merry thought - lifestyle with lots of diys and some recipes too.  definite retro 70's vibe.

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  1. TFS!!! I love finding new interesting blogs! :) Evie