Tuesday, November 5, 2013

crochet: purple monster dude

oh the cute!  i think this is something that unites us crafters.  the ability to take childlike delight in our creations.  i just can't help myself!  look what i made!  isn't he cute?  i squeal.  :)

i wish i could say that i wrote down a little pattern to share, but alas, i crocheted him at the lake this summer and there was no paper and pencil involved.  and that was oh so long ago.  my memory does not serve.  but definitely if i make another one . . .

the main hang-up with finishing was sewing the zipper in the coin purse.  i learned a lot.  and i need more practice.  ha.

i do remember that i used bernat cotton-ish yarn that i picked up at joann's.  i love this stuff.  it's my favorite yarn right now.  it's a cotton/acrylic blend that feels so good.  definitely more on the cotton-ish side.  it's also very light-weight.  like baby yarn weight, but not baby-ish.  g picked out the colors.  it was fun making a little handmade treat for him.