Wednesday, November 6, 2013

fabulous fall "field trip"

the weather was so glorious when i pulled in to my afternoon high school that i simply had to take my students on a "field trip."  i knew that 74 and sunny in november was a fleeting thing and that we needed to take advantage of it.  conversational english is best practiced outside, yes?  here are our field trip feet.  usa, ethiopia, vietnam, honduras, and egypt all ready to learn together.

i quickly spotted a lingering butterfly . . .

and a little ladybug found melaku . . .

the boys found a poor lost soccer ball and decided to adopt it.

my goodness, but it was a blustery day!

i had to keep a tight grip on my skirt!

truly, though, it is just amazing how much beauty there is to be found in nature.  the great outdoors makes my heart glad.

i picked a lovely fall bouquet to take home.  i am especially excited to try my hand at a fall mandala, but it will have to wait for a less windy day.  and the autumn arrangement for the mantel i will have to share later as well as the light fades too fast in these parts this time of year.

as i was tucking my fall bounty in my car, my students decided i needed to be photographed with my harvest and demanded that i post the picture on facebook.  so here we go.  i hope you've all found some time to enjoy mother nature during this season of gratitude.  :)

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