Wednesday, November 20, 2013

menu plan: enchilada soup

i made the enchilada soup recipe last weekend.  it was very pretty.  g said it was good and ate two bowls.  it was a little too hot for me.  i had a fine sheen of sweat on my upper lip and could feel the warmth radiating from just behind my sternum.  perhaps i should have followed the recipe exactly instead of using a pack of taco seasoning instead of the spices listed?  or maybe next time i should skip the spices altogether, as surely a little salt and pepper is sufficient with all that bell pepper, onion, rotel, and enchilada sauce?  things to ponder . . .
not gonna lie.  i'm having a lazy week in the kitchen.
the menu plan:
sunday - leftovers
monday - pork chops, etc.
tuesday - school spirit night at zaxby's
wednesday - dinner at church
thursday - leftovers from international food festival at school
friday - open
saturday - potato soup
p.s. i tried the carnita leftovers (with all the broth and veggie goodness) over rice last week and it was amazing!  definitely a keeper!

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  1. this really looks yummy. I love your menu's for the week. It makes me want to cook more. Seriously!