Tuesday, November 12, 2013

good blog reads

this is the honest abe pumpkin we decorated for g's fall book report project.  so cute.  and now a question.  has fall been acting strangely in your neck of the woods?  we actually had snow flurries today.  ack!

here are a few more blogs i've found that you may want to check out while huddling in front of your space heater.  (if you're warm and toasty on the other side of the world, i envy you right now ;)

the nerd nest. a hodge podge of diy projects (by both husband and wife), project life style memory keeping, books, cooking, and what have you.  just what i like. 

anne-marie loves. another eclectic.  she is a very, very newlywed, who does a mix of simple diy projects, photography, style posts, and a stream-lined version of project life.

kiki cuisine. i know some of you remember jamie waters.  well, her oldest daughter is in college and blogging now!  it's a charming little foodie blog with some super cute ideas. 

occasional crafter.  this blogger tats!  she does other textile crafts as well, but she tats!  i've been so curious about learning to tat ever since bringing home a vintage ivory tatting shuttle still attached to a gorgeous tatted lace-edged handkerchief from my granny's house.  maybe i will now.  this is a great resource.

blue bird baby.  a lovely photographer with a beautiful home and a simple living vibe. 

love'n fresh flowers.  bffs with floret flowers.  gorgeous flowers.  nuff said. 

the seasonal bouquet.  a creative collaborative project between love'n fresh flowers and floret flowers.  more gorgeous flowers.  happiness. 


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  1. you're so sweet to include kira's blog! :) thank you for the sweet words :)