Wednesday, April 16, 2014

52 weeks: february squares

wah!  i seem to be falling behind on all my year long projects!  i think it's the combination of changing seasons and winter lasting too darn long.  for example, i was going strong on my granny squares until basketball season ended.  without realizing it, i had gotten into the habit of carrying my crochet bag to practices and games.  i could usually get a square done in that time and still enjoy the game and atmosphere.  i know i'll enjoy carrying my crochet bag to the lake this summer as well.  it and a good book kept me company under a shade tree on many hot afternoons as the boys splashed.  now is the problem though.  i like to crochet while i'm doing something else.  yes, i'm a multi-tasker.  this week i've gotten into a rhythm of crocheting on the couch with g while he watches netflix on his ipad and i watch the flight 370 mystery on cnn.  the february squares are finally done.  maybe i will start the march squares at the farm this saturday.  hooray for a three day weekend!  and warmer weather!  and picnics in the great outdoors!

it's still so neat to me to document our lives in color.  the first squares were for our cub scout blue and gold banquet, the second for our kitty, pepito, the third for valentine's day, and the fourth for the olympics.

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