Wednesday, April 9, 2014

french fried happiness

it is not yet flip flop weather here in my beloved south.  this, among other things, has made me a bit lethargic and crabby of late.  i've got a case of the blues.  yesterday, i decided that i needed to face this attitude head on and thought of this little poster on my quotes pinboard.  i bought myself a large fry from mcd's for lunch and counted 85 fries consumed.  yes, i counted.  and now i am in the process of counting 85 blessings to write in my project life album.  french fried happiness.

and i have a lot of blogging to catch up on.  be prepared.  :)


  1. Yep, McD's fries would help for me too! Funny, I spotted a poster yesterday on Pinterest "There is nothing that can't be helped with Starbucks and Disney" and I bought it for my daughter because those are her happy things. But's a surprise for her birthday.

  2. I hate the blues...I usually have them all during the winter. I've been in my own little cocoon and I'm ready to break out. Jenni's Spring VintageFest will help.