Monday, April 21, 2014

menu plan: deviled egg peeps

i hope your easter was fabulous!  our weekend was so wonderful!  we had friday off and visited cheekwood botanical gardens (or cReekwood BIOtanical as g calls it), went back to the farm saturday, and did easter dinner with friends who are more like family saturday.  indeed, we spent the whole weekend surrounded by friends, and we are extremely thankful for all of them.

i spent most of the weekend unplugged (except for an instagram extravaganza yesterday - i'm dorissander there, so original), so i have lots of pictures and stories to share this week.  these are the deviled egg peeps i made for easter dinner.  they are fairly self-explanatory.  the beaks are carrots and the eyes are black olives.  the nest is made of broccoli sprouts that g sprouted last week.

this week's menu plan is easy peasy.  i don't even have to go to the grocery all week except to pick up a few things for g's school lunches and to pick up a steak for the byob (bring your own beef) campout cookout on friday night.  looking forward to another great weekend ahead without cub scout family!  life is good!

this week's menu plan:
sunday - happy easter!
monday - happy easter leftovers!
tuesday - spaghetti
wednesday - dinner at church
thursday - homemade pizza (gotta use up those black olives as i only used two on the peeps, lol)
friday - steak at the campout
saturday - campout food

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  1. They turned out cute!!! It was great to see you Saturday. I hope you can hang with us for a while this Saturday and we're going out to dinner at 7 pm (it's my birthday). I was thinking Cheddars but since they are so crowded, I'm going to see if Logan's will give me that back room. I need a head count so if you wanna do dinner, let me know!