Thursday, April 10, 2014

quality literature: the interestings

i used to feel that if i started a book i needed to finish it.  once i had a child, my free time became more limited and i realized that i didn't need to spend any of it with a book that wasn't enlightening, inspiring, educational, emotional, or entertaining.  with this thought in mind, i truly never imagined i'd write a negative book review as i just don't spend much time with books that have no value to me.  based on a couple sources, i thought "the interestings" would be a good book, so i continued past the 30% mark on my kindle app even though the book was doing nothing for me.  at 65% i had a "why am i wasting my time on this book" moment and quit reading it. i could go into detail about several issues i had with it, but the over-riding factor was simply the fact that the characters were all incredibly self-absorbed.  self-absorbed people are just not interesting.  perhaps this is the premise of the book.  if it is, the author took it a little too far.  i just never connected with any of the characters and thus did not care what happened to them and didn't feel the need to finish.

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  1. I quit about where you did-I just couldn't care about these people in the book.