Thursday, April 17, 2014

crocheted easter baskets

the easter bunny has been busy!  the holiday bug bit (fairly last minute) again and i managed to whip out a few of these little easter baskets for a few little friends.  i finished five to deliver today and need to make three more for monday.

i think they turned out so so cute!  i followed this pattern that i found on pinterest.  the bottom of the bowl i followed exactly and then for the sides i modified the stitch to the one i used for my dishclothes to give the bowls more of a basket weave effect. 
if you're looking for a quickie handmade easter project, these would fit the bill. each bowl took me about an hour to crochet and was made with scrap yarn.
the details:
100% cotton medium weight yarn
size E crochet hook (i love those tight stitches)
* for the bottom of the bowl, i completed through step 8 (48 stitches), the edge was then 7 rows tall plus the finishing row.  my completed bowls measure 3 inches across and 2 inches high
*i found the hello kitty bunny eggs in the easter section at target

hoppy easter, ya'll!

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  1. happy easter my dear girl. the baskets are fab little things. i have been knitting and knitting and knitting. hope you and g are well. xxxx