Wednesday, January 22, 2014

crochet: dishclothes

to say that i am quite pleased with myself would be putting it mildly.  aren't these cute!!!  squeal!  i mentioned earlier this month that it's my plan to stay in the christmas crafting mode, making gifts, decorations, and holiday pages all year long. hot off the hook, a set of crocheted dishclothes for my niece.  the only problem with christmas crafting in january is that it is a long way till december.  no way can i hold on to these for 11 months.  i think i will have to send them to her for her birthday in april.  ha!

this was the perfect little pattern (mine started with a chain of 33) to work on mindlessly during basketball practice.  so simple and easy!  and it makes this great nubby texture that i was going for.  i knew my niece liked grey, but i wanted to jazz them up a bit.  the pink one was my first and i used this pin for color inspiration.  in my first attempt, i tried to single crochet around the entire thing.  i guess you can imagine that with the high contrast between the hot pink and grey, this showed off every little imperfection down the sides in dramatic technicolor.  i ripped that out and then decided to go with the "dipped" look that is so popular now.  much better results.

i must admit that my first dishcloth attempt met with poor results.  actually, i would say that i was traumatized.  i had bought a tunesian crochet hook and was attempting to learn this style of crochet.  i had to take out the base chain six times. SIX.  i'm a fan of tight tidy crochet stitches with a small hook.  the tunesian crochet hook was way fat and i had to make a way loose chain stitch to be able to come back in for the foundation row.  ugh.  i hated it.  (and swore profusely in my mind.  how wrong is that?  crochet is supposed to be relaxing!).  then after i FINALLY got the first set of rows done, it had curled in on itself like a dead centipede. the chain stitch was still too tight compared to the huge stitches that tunesian crochet hook was making me make.  ugh.  i took it all out. again. sigh. and then i made the messiest sloppiest chain i could muster. and tried one more time. and ew.  all i have to say is it's a good thing i'm working on a purging the house and sending the unwanted/unneeded items to goodwill. good-bye tunesian crochet hook.

this.  is much more my style.

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  1. Oh I love your dishcloths. You have me wanting to crochet so bad. I've got to find my needles and get started. I tried learning to knit once and made a dishcloth, but I missed/dropped (whatever they call it) a stitch right in the very center of the I didn't try ever again. I never thought of crocheting them. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was about 7 years old and I made several things. I was the only one of all her grand kids that ever wanted to craft. She taught me alot of fun crafty things. Oh and I would be like you...I could not wait nearly a whole year to give the gift! Thanks for sharing.