Tuesday, January 7, 2014

quality literature: water for elephants

now that i'm really reading again, it's been nice to finally pick up some of those books that i'd heard were awesome back when i wasn't really reading but ones i would have read when i was the reader that i once was.  that sentence amuses me.  this was one of those much talked about and recommended reads 5ish years ago.  i borrowed it from a fellow reader at school who teaches junior english - american lit (my fave); her loaners are quite perfect for me.  and double bonus, when i'm finished i have someone to gush and critique with.
water for elephants is set on a circus train in the u.s. during the great depression.  for the first two-thirds of the book, i basically thought it was raunchy and sad.  i kept reading though as it was fairly readable despite that.  the double fairy tale ending and unexpected plot twist in the last third made it totally worth my time.  solidly recommend.

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