Friday, January 10, 2014

good blog reads

and so we enter that period of time in which doris has no pretty pictures to post, cuz "baby it's cold outside" and snowbird simply isn't bringing enough snow to make it worthwhile to venture forth.  if you too are spending more time inside in front of your computer with your trusty space heater at your feet and a warm kitty in your lap, then here are a few new blogs to keep you company . . .

a scottish knitwear designer.  this one is obviously especially lovely if you knit, but even if you do not, it is a beautiful blog to look upon as she walks the scottish moores.  i loved this one.  she's only been blogging a year + and i think i practically read the whole thing.  lots and lots of crochet and knit with delightful details thrown in.  a blog put out by the purl soho website, they feature simple stylish projects, mostly in the textile mediums. this one reminds me of anne of green gables and is a friend of kellie falconer.  i love bestie blogs. art, sheep, and faith delightful illustrator from new england

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