Thursday, January 30, 2014

project life: florida in october

here are the pages from our most recent trip to florida.  i tried to take my time with these and do a good job since i loved them so much.  pictures taken out in the warm sunshine are always so pretty.

this first page is a little peek at the february jbs mercantile kits that will go live at midnight cst tomorrow night.  it's not really a good representation of the color palette of the kit, however.  there was really no intention for orange with this one, but i somehow managed to find the tiniest bits (plus a little help from my washi tape stash, of course) to add to this october page.  i mean, the intro page to october really demands orange, doesn't it?

now this is a serendipitous occurance.  i mentioned earlier that i've started keeping my project life pages and my layouts all in the same albums.  and i've also started choosing which photos i want to make layouts for and which i want to slot in project life all at the same time.  i just stash them in the appropriate page protectors until i'm ready to work with them.  now i've never minded at all whether my facing pages match or not, but i have to say that these look rather pretty together.  i did this spread and the following ones all from the january jbs mercantile kits over the course of a couple weeks.  since they're all from the same trip, it's really quite nice that they blend so well.  i love it!  (you can see a larger version and read more details about the layout on the right HERE).

the little clam here, the frog on the first page, and gator on the last page are all from my stash.  it's a box of chipboard animals from k&co that i've been hoarding for a very long time.  they are so cute that they always make the cut when i do a big purge.  i'm glad i've found a place to use some of them.

i just wrote about this layout in my previous post.  the same exact thing goes for the page to it's right.  there was some major piecing together of little bits of paper to make that page work too.  (the german foil fish is leftover from the august mini-album kit).

 i really like the way the postcard turned out cut in half like that.  these were such fun pages to do.

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  1. i have said it once and i'll say it again. you are a blogging ninja! the posts just come flying in. first - i think it is lovely when a cat gets to be your first best friend. mine was a ginger named james.
    second - the stew sounds lovely but why v-8 juice. i make mine with beef stock. i also make my mothers steamed dumplings for the top. lastly lovely pages - as always. you really make that kit work for you.