Monday, January 13, 2014

menu plan: hotdogs on a snowday

we started the new year off right with our first three days of school cancelled due to typical southern snow.  typical in that there was barely any of it, but we still didn't go to school.  dudes.  they couldn't get the buses all running!  what?!  it was COLD.  tuesday morning started off at ZERO degrees, ya'll.  brrrr!  g and i finally christened the fireplace wednesday.  we never got around to using it last winter, and apparently neither of the previous residents had ever used it.  an 18 year old virgin fireplace on it's first fiery run.  it worked perfectly.  whew!  i did not burn the house down.  we even roasted hotdogs.  tasty!  fingers crossed for more of these lovely leisurely winter days.  :)

this week's (lazy) menu plan:
sunday - pork chops and corn on the cob (frozen bounty from our summer garden)
monday - mac & cheese and leftover pork chops (it was a mighty big pack of chops)
tuesday - french toast and bacon
wednesday - dinner at church
thursday - tortilla soup
friday - open
saturday - potato soup (someone suggest a killer recipe!  i have too many to choose from on pinterest!)

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  1. Oh I love the fireplace. I can almost smell the hotdogs cooking and the smoke....ahhhh...