Monday, January 27, 2014

a studio tour, january remains, and a february peek

hi friends!  i just posted a tour of my scrappy space over on the jbs inspiration blog if you'd like to take a peek.  there are several photos and some thoughts about a few of my vintage storage solutions.

i also thought it would be fun to share with you the remains of my january jbs mercantile kits.  it was a good month.  excellent, really.  i haven't been this productive in ages.  i made 30 items with my kits (3 layouts, 14 project life pages, 12 one little word mini-album pages, and 1 card).  THIRTY!  can you believe that?  these little piles represent the remains.  the first piles is mostly tools and alphas that will be used several more times.  the second pile is paper leftovers that i'm keeping.  most is vintage as i always keep the vintage.  then some of the patterned paper.  i'm more discriminating about that.  i figure after i've made this many things with it already then i should only keep what i LOVE love.

this, then, is the giveaway pile (way smaller than usual) and the tiny scraps for the trash bin.  i keep all the tiny scraps to the end as you never know when a hint of this color or a touch of that pattern will come in useful.  but tiny things like this are just too hard for me to keep long term. 

and then there on the end is a patchwork card i made to finish out (i was hovering at 29 projects and 30 seemed so much better).

now i feel so good having a clean tray to work with.  on to february scrappiness!  (aka this is a peek of the february jbs mercantile kits.  watch for the full reveal this friday at midnight cst!).  :)


  1. thanks for the tour. the pic from her and from jb site are lovely. cool storage - i use my daughter old change table too!! i have such a hard time getting rid of things. i am overwhelmed at times but the crap i hold onto.

  2. Thanks for the Feb. sneak!!! and I am just loving your is so very organized! :) Evie