Friday, January 31, 2014

february faves: a new photo challenge!

we've got a fun new challenge over at get it scrapped! for the month of february.  we've compiled a list of "favorites" we can chat about, photograph, and document.  you're welcome to join us!

february favorites

childhood memories:
1. toy (or stuffed animal)
2. candy
3. cartoon (or cartoon character)
4. book
5. game (board, video, sport, etc)
6. pet (or animal)
7. memory

the hipster vibe:
8. photo of you in your 20's
9. song (singer, group, music, etc)
10. movie (or tv show)
11. drink
12. place to shop
13. shoes (or clothing)
14. friday night fun (or decade)

these times:
15. number
16. holiday
17. way to relax (time waster or guilty pleasure)
18. weather
19. month
20. season (or time in life)
21. time of day (or day of week)

the happiness project:
22. flower (or scent)
23. food (comfort, snack, restaurant, etc)
24. vacation (past or future)
25. quote
26. color
27. scrappy supply
28. knick knack (sound or something someone has said about you)

i'll be instagramming mine (i'm dorissander on instagram and will be using the hashtag #getitscrappedfebfaves), chatting about them on the gis message board, and housing them in this little mini-album.  the cover is a new wood veneer set from jenni bowlin studio.  i inked it with chewing gum ink and then did a little embossing on the cover with copper glitter embossing powder.  i'm not sure about the insides or binding yet, but i'm sure something will come to me.  looking forward to getting started!  i'm needing a fun challenge to get me through the winter blahs.

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