Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my florida: the beaches

another trip to florida, another visit to the beach.  it never gets old.

like hummingbirds, dolphin sightings always seem so magical and miraculous to me.

there's something yummy in there.

time for another session of "look, mommy!"

yellow backs (catch and release)
don't feed the poop bombers!

beautiful and graceful

cute in an awkward sort of way

greenbacks (he's getting good at this)

show and tell

i love this look so much.  the moment of complete delight when a child connects with nature.


this is what north florida beaches look like when they are not stripped bare for public beach access.  hello scrub oaks and slash pines.

and palms.  reminds me of that song, "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."  i always wonder what this world really looked like before we put our mark on it.

so thankful there are still unspoiled spaces.


  1. oh love these photos doris. i'll say it again, your niece looks just like you! G must have had a blast!

  2. Don't feed the poop bombers...hmmm....the kid or the birds?

  3. My family has been in Florida since before 1820. It must have been horrible before the swamps were drained, malaria was brought under control, and their was air conditioning. On the other hand, I agree with where you're going. I much prefer Florida when it was more agricultural and less of a tourist trap. Too many people want it to look just like Las Vegas.

    What's really interesting is to think what it must have been like, say, 14000 years ago. That's not so long ago when you think about it, but the coast would have been about 50 miles farther offshore and all of St. Joseph's bay would have been dry land. On top of that, there would have been Mastadons and sabre-tooth tigers. A little farther back in time than that -- say, about 2 million years ago -- the plant life and many of the animals would have looked familar, but among the strange things that have since vanished would have been 8 ft-tall flightless "terror birds", the bones of which have been found in Gilchrist County.

  4. So lovely Doris. I love the untouched nature photos - I can still remember the warm earthy scent of a similar area of bushes /trees etc along a beach in Majorca when I was about 6! So much nicer than a over managed public beach.

    p.s: still smiling at the comment you left on my post today! :-)