Sunday, October 13, 2013

florida photos: LOOK!

the kids in our family know who to come to when they find one of nature's treasures . . .

"look, mommy!  a hermit crab!"

"look, aunt doris!  a fish i caught with my bare hands!" (after the poor little blighter had escaped from the bait bucket on the pier above).

"look, mommy!  a baby anole!"  (a little fall baby, less than two inches long).

"look, mommy!  a baby tree frog!"  (another fall baby, a one incher).

"look, mommy!  i (finally) caught a fish!"  (not much worse than a man child after an unproductive fishing trip, let me tell you).

 "look, aunt doris!  we caught a gator!"  (do you see his little head to the left of that tree?  they did indeed snag it, but it got off right quick.  i estimate 2 feet.  the boys say it was more in the 3-4 foot range.  yep.  once again i take the prize for worst babysitter ever).

"look, mommy!  i caught a stingray!  he is even more dangerous than the sand shark i caught (when i was five) cuz he has a stinger!"  (good thing our friend howard was home to deal with it).

papa gets his fair share of "look!" interjections when he's around . . . "look, papa!  he is HUGE!"  (that's cousin ethan in his quarterback gear.  only 14ish and still growing like a weed).

baby riley also uses the "look!" interjection to her advantage . . . "look, gabriel!  if you play with me, i will give you a donut!"  (and now i must admit putting her up to it.  bad babysitter strikes again).

i think i must bring all my treasure here to share with you all.  "look, friends!  a (gratuitous) butterflies on flowers photo!"

"look, friends!"  have you ever seen so many tree frogs dining around a lit light bulb?  it's a veritable mosquito feeding frenzy!"

thanks, friends, for taking the time to enjoy all my show and tell episodes.  :)

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