Sunday, October 27, 2013

fall campout 2013: we survived!

i am ever so grateful to report that we did not turn into popsicles over the weekend, even though the temperature dipped down to 27 degrees friday night.  brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 
this is us right before we headed out friday afternoon.  g and i obviously have different thoughts on camping attire.  when he caught me eyeballing his outfit, he quickly told me, "i've got this one mommy.  green, green, green, and a numeral."  this was after my having a discussion with him earlier in the week about only wearing two colors if he was sure they matched and that sticking with one color and a "neutral" was a safer choice.  hopefully, the campout stains will come out of his new birthday sweater.
i wore my flaming converse for extra warmth.  i think they helped.  they did not, however, motivate me to travel beyond the range of the campfire, so these are the only photos i have.  i did at one point pretend that i was going for a walk to take "fall" pics, but luckily i had forgotten my flash card.  whew!  what a relief.

i did go on the compass treasure hunt with our webelos since i was kinda in charge of this activity.  i used the last 19% charge on my cell phone to take these pics.  how cute is this one?

here they are posing for a group pic in front of "the throne of the blue waters."  hey.  if i'm going to be in charge of something, i'm going to have a little fun with it.  i gave creative names to all the map locations, for example, my car was "the japanese chariot of crimson" (i drive a red toyota corolla), the first holiday stop was at "the malevolent bale of the two witches" (what? i am an english teacher and feel that little boys should learn all the words for evil during the month of october), and the port-a-john (cub scout dads never refer to it as the port-a-potty) was "the throne of blue waters."  interestingly enough, i became warm enough on the hike to take off my coat, but that feeling didn't last long.

and now i have to unpack the car, set up air out and repack two tents, wash eight-ish loads of laudry, clean the house that didn't get cleaned before we left, photograph two more kits, and scrapbook a page.  whew!  what a weekend!

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