Tuesday, October 29, 2013

imperfection on display: halloween mantel

i always have to look up mantel/mantle before i type it publicly.  the science me and the crafty me are always confused by the spelling.  i am imperfect that way.  i meant for my mantel to be a little more perfect before i put it on display here, but i am too lazy for perfection.  i couldn't find the motivation to get the fallen paper leaves back on the garland or to print more halloween pics from years past.  i had intended to put the last of the marigolds in the line of vintage white bottles, but i waited too long and the marigolds drooped.  despite my imperfections, though, i have enjoyed my october mantel immensely.  perhaps with a few modifications, it can become a perfect november mantel, but even if i don't perfect it, i know i will enjoy it.

this is my favorite part.  a photo that g drew last year.  i found it in the scrap room as i was tidying up and thought it would be delightful in my display.  i tacked it to the wall behind an empty frame and added one of g's plastic spiders to give it a little halloween creepiness.  so fun.  and such sweet memories.

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