Friday, October 11, 2013

quality literature: the mortal instruments

i read books one through three of "the mortal instruments" series this summer.  a co-worker had recommended them and loaned them to be.  double bonus!  i am still not into super scary stuff, and she assured me that these were not.  thankfully, her idea of not too scary and my idea of not too scary coincided.  whew!  i enjoyed these tremendously.  these are perfect vacation books if any of you are looking for some light reading this holiday season.  they are of a very similar genre to the twilight series, but they have even more mystical creatures in them besides vampires and werewolves.  the characterization is great and the storylines are fast-paced.  fun times between these pages!

there are actually six books in this series and three that she has written in a prequel series.  the author took an extensive break between writing the third and fourth books though, so many thought the series ended with the third book.  the third book ends nicely with much of the chaos resolved, so i stopped there.  book six is scheduled to come out may of 2014, so it looks like i've already got my beach books lined up for next summer!



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  2. How funny, I read these this summer too. And I only read the first 3! I too felt like the third book rounded them off nicely so I stopped there and I'm not sure I have the inclination to read the others.