Thursday, October 3, 2013

october goals

well.  i didn't meet all my september goals, but i wouldn't call the month a bust.  i did improve quite a bit over my summer lazies.  i totally rocked the september photo challenge (here, here, here, and here), finished my book selection and almost a second (i must get all my summer book reads blogged!), i published 18/30 blog posts, and made a significant dent in my 2013 project life (and started on 2012!  what?!).  not too shabby. 
on to october!
1. complete the get it scrapped! october haiku challenge  (join me! it's fun!)
2. finish my october book club choice (and blog the backlog of summer reads)
3. create a pinterest boot pinboard (so i will be motivated to wear my cool new boots lots, thus making it justifiable to purchase another pair in black and cute new tights for fall!  shopping justification is a worthy goal, yes?)
4. blog about my project life process and recent revelations
5. publish 31 blog posts
6. walk/run daily (after exercising my butt off all summer and loving it, the shorter days of september have totally gotten to me.  gah!  must get my moving groove back!)
7. finish my crochet wips (and blog them too!), so i'll be motivated to start a granny square practice project in preparation for this 52 week project that i'm planning on for 2014
8. get out some fall/halloween decor.  no grinches in da house, doris!
9. start on the great landscraping reno of winter 2013!  the pampass grass and holly must GO!
10. drop a bomb on my gmail inbox

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