Wednesday, October 16, 2013

jbs mercantile: october gallery updates

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well!  i think i might like scrapbooking again!  maybe you haven't noticed, but i haven't scrapbooked (other than project life pages) in four months.  woah.  i was beginning to worry that the urge was just gone, gone, gone.  seriously, i was worried.  i did manage to make a halloween page a couple weeks ago.  i liked it okay, but it didn't give me that creative thrill.  but this one.  oh yes.  i made it two nights ago and i feel so creatively invigorated.  happy sigh. 

then to make the feeling even better, my niece and i were talking about our kids and loose teeth and i had to flip through the scrapbooks for reference.  it was such a wonderful walk through memory lane.  it wasn't just the delight in having all those thoughts and memories recorded.  not just that.  i could remember the thrill of creating so many of those layouts.  really.  all my favorites i just remembered the actual act of creating them and how i felt in that moment.  such a good feeling.

so now i am wanting to dig around in my papers and inks and make something meaningful.  hooray for fall break and a scrappy playdate.  let's get scrapping!

this layout was created with the october jbs mercantile antiquarian and artisan kits.  i wasn't sure what to do with that pack of feathers, but i wanted to use them so i went flipping through my photo files for inspiration.  this set of photos gave it to me.  they are from a fall campout in which our cub scouts and siblings had an epic stick fight in the woods.  the journaling reads, "you think she's trouble now; wait till little sister is sixteen."  the double meaning behind the title really makes me giggle.

ahhhh.  don't you just love mr. moon (antiquarian) and the fabulous bold blue glitter alpha.  sparkle, shine, and happiness.

and here we have the last little insert for my october 2012 project life pages.  it's so neat to have an entire month from last year done and in the books. on to november!  one thing i have noticed since starting the 2012 project life album is that project life has rejuvenated my urge to take photos.  so far, i've looked through my october - november photos from last year and only used my digital camera once in three months.  what?!  and i didn't even use my phone camera all that much.  besides the four layouts i have for the month, i only had 3 more 12x12 pocket pages.  glad i'm taking the time to use those cameras again!

if you're interested in seeing the pages hidden behind the insert, you can see them here and here.


  1. Yay Doris! So glad you are scrapping again...I was getting worried, lol, no really!! Your page is amazing, super love that gold moon! Also, love hearing about your PL discoveries. Scrap ON! :) Evie

  2. Also, I was putting away some layouts into albums the other day and sort of got the same feeling you did. I think it is important to look through our past work every once and make us remember why we scrap! :) Evie

  3. I LOVE your pages Doris... Great job. I love reading your blog about your adventures with your son.