Sunday, October 13, 2013

quality literature: christ the lord, out of egypt

i picked this one up in my high school's library.  they've rearranged their fiction section so the stories are categorized by genre rather than the dewey decimal system (shocking, i know!).  i was working with some students near the historical fiction section and this title/author combo just jumped right out at me.  those of you who are familiar with "interview with a vampire" will know exactly what i mean.  my curiosity was piqued.  i chose it for my september book club read.  one of my fellow readers mentioned wondering if the plot might feel too contrived.  i remember thinking, "my thoughts exactly."  it took several chapters for me to get into it.  it did feel a little too overdone at first.  what i really appreciated in those first few chapters was a new understanding of the historical time period in which christ lived.  i think i've never fully grasped the turmoil of that era.  anne rice is a top notch researcher and totally delivered in that aspect.  somewhere around midway, through, i really got what she was trying to say with the storyline as well.  in the end, i totally agreed with kirkus reviews commentary.  the book is extremely thought-provoking and a beautiful tribute to anne rice's journey back to faith.

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