Thursday, October 31, 2013

nature journal: asian ladybugs

there is quite the party going on at jenni's house.  thousands upon thousands of these little ones crawling on her southern walls.  i know they are considered an infestation and i found out from a co-worker that this variety is actually an invasive species.  i can't help myself, though; i am charmed by these tiny creatures.  i was actually laughing out loud in pure delight as i photographed them.  each one was so beautifully perfect and unique.  nature is a miracle.

they are originally from asia and were brought to the united states in the 60's - 90's by the usda as a biological pest control for the agricultural industry.  like their native counterpart, the asian ladybug feeds mostly on crop destroying aphids.  unlike their cousins, however, these guys swarm in the fall, looking for cozy spots to overwinter.  they are perfectly dressed for their fall gathering in shades of red, orange, and golden yellow and the girls tend to have more spots than the boys.  isn't that just like a woman to go for a little extra accesorizing?  annoying, maybe.  cute, definitely.

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