Wednesday, October 23, 2013

project life: aunt theresa's visit

this spread is from aunt theresa's visit last may!  we went to the zoo (again) and fall creek falls (again) and took a walk to see the wildflowers at the high school.  we've made the executive decision that the next time she visits we will not go to the zoo.  we always have visiting the hermitage, president andrew jackson's home, on the list and never get to it.  next time we will nix the zoo, so we'll have time to see the old house.  sounds like a plan!

i am super excited to report that i have all my 2013 pictures printed through october 18th!  this includes project life pics AND ones i want to use for layouts.  wow!  that feels so good.  i'm also almost done printing my november and december 2012 pics.  shoot.  i'm in perfect shape to be a scrapping fool this weekend except for the cub scout camp out in which i will become a popsicle.

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  1. Such wonderful and fun pages!! So nice to be caught up with your photo printing. You sound so organized!! :) Evie