Saturday, September 13, 2014

cedars of lebanon state park: mushroom hunt

we did actually make it back to cedars of lebanon state park this morning.  i did not, however, get rewarded with gorgeous early morning sunlight.  our walk in the woods was under a densely clouded sky.  goodness.  it was bordering on darkish.  the hike quickly became an easter egg hunt for me with mushrooms standing in for the eggs.  they were everywhere!  i was bringing up the rear and had to run to catch up several times as i kept getting caught up in fungus photography.  i was just a little sad at the quality of my photos when i got them home and uploaded.  i didn't realize till over halfway through the hike that my camera settings were off.  plus, i really just need to buy a new 50mm.  i've been making due with my old kit lens since my last 50mm broke, but really there is nothing like having the 50mm's aperture in lighting conditions such as these.  ah well.  i'm sure you will think there are sufficient mushroom pictures for one post anyway.


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  1. you are definitely my soul sister. i've been pulling together my fungus photos for a little mini ...
    i love these doris.