Sunday, September 14, 2014

quality literature: the heritage of shannara series

i have been into the series books lately.  when i want a little "ignore my world" time, it's easier to get absorbed in another world if there are three or four books to keep me occupied for a good amount of time.  housework is so over rated.  i had read and thoroughly loved the first shannara series when i was in high school, so when i noticed a section of them in the library of the high school where i teach, i decided to make a return trip to shannara.  terry brooks did not disappoint.  the first book was a typical intro to a series book that introduced all the characters and their tasks and set the stage for an epic tale.  the second and third books were like his original series in that they were stand alone tales that fit within the larger story.  i especially enjoyed the second, the druid of shannara.  the storyline and extra characters involved in this one were fantastic.  and then, of course, the last book wrapped up the adventure nicely with a battle and a victory.  i ripped through all four books in five days.  the housework was graciously awaiting me upon my return.  and now you know why i didn't read during g's early years.  it's okay to ignore my housework, but not my child.  :)

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