Saturday, September 6, 2014

masterful scrapbook design: the great race

is your weekend off to a good start?  i meant to be productive today, but so far it's not happening.  i've come to the realization that the cats are an inhabiting factor.  first they were lounging in the sun on my deck while i had the doors open to catch the morning breeze.  now they're reclining on the granny square afghans artfully scattered about to mask the marks left by their rare moments of physical activity performed on the legs of our couches and chairs.  there may be purring involved.  i cannot work under these conditions.

i certainly don't have the energy these boys had during the great race.  kayaking on the intracoastal waterway while visiting grandma and papa.  those were some fun times.

i created this project for "product play" at masterful scrapbook design.  my "play" in this case was working with hot trends in scrapbooking: speech bubbles, fletched arrows, and the red cross sign.  luckily, all these hot trends could be found in one awesome place: the may kits from jbs mercantile.

i like to go ahead and make the facing project life page with the same set of products.  this always makes the process go a bit faster, and in this case the photos on the project life page were a continuation of the same event, so it was a double bonus to have them blend.

i somehow managed to fill all the pockets with photos, but i made it work by overlaying them with little chipboard, doily, washi, and sticker bits and writing a little more journaling directly on the photos with a fine point sharpie.

and now i'm off to register the boy for basketball season and maybe reward myself with a new artful blogging magazine and an ice cream cone from chicfilet.  maybe after that i'll be able to mow the lawn, as long as i don't make eye contact with my kitties first.

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