Monday, September 1, 2014

jbs mercantile: september reveal

happy labor day to those of you stateside!  g and i are enjoying a much appreciated three day weekend.  happy first day of school for those of you starting tomorrow!  i hope your year gets off to a great start the way ours has.  happy spring to those of you on the other side of the world!  please take the time to truly treasure those first daffodil sightings.  i would like to remind those over here that we still have 23 days until autumn officially begins.  begin eating candy corn if you must, but let's not rush these last golden days of summer.  and one last reminder for snowbird: we haven't seen real snow here in tennessee for TWO years.  both my snow pictures and my snow days have been paltry of late.  let's work on that this year, shall we?

and now that i have covered all four seasons, let's chat about the september jbs mercantile kits.  really, there's not much to say except, "go buy it!"  the color palette is light and airy, grounded in craft, with gilded edges.  the motifs have put me in a very nostalgic mood.  i love it so much.  best of all are the exclusives.  betsy's stamp set has gotten me stamping.  yes, ME!  i know i've said this for the last three months, but this month lisa's patterned papers are her best ever.  the pastel newsprint above is hers and you must go look at the kit as there are tiny bows.  oh my!  and then i think jenni's wood veneer feathers are going to be the finishing touch for all my layouts this month. 

you can find all the kits HERE.  so far, i have been mostly immersed in the main and antiquarian (vintage) kits.  do take a moment to look at jenni's crafted kit though.  it is adorable.  a map of the united states in a frame to document your travels for all the world to see.  i think i need it.  and also, i should mention that the flea market is extra large today in honor of labor day shopping.  enjoy!

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