Thursday, September 11, 2014

homer's farm: a ride

on our last trip to homer's farm, we took a ride in the back of his pickup as he was scouting out good spots for more bee hives.  there is so much beauty on this unspoiled 150 acres.

more seed pods everywhere you look.  summer is getting ready to transition to fall.

i wanted to get a better pic of this guy, but he was gone on the return trip.

homer was allowing cattle to be kept on the farm, but has decided to get rid of all of them in favor of more bees.  the rest of these photos show how nature is reclaiming the rich soil in the old cattle pens.

i am fascinated by the difference in perspective between the horizontal and vertical photos here.

i must make homer take me on a farm joy ride in the spring!  or goodness, even this fall!

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