Thursday, September 11, 2014

homer's farm: 7/13 and 8/10

our weekly garden visits tapered down to monthly garden visits.  july was consumed with travels and then august was the beginning of school for us, and saturday mornings have become too lazy.  hopefully we will get a september visit in soon.

the sunflowers at the height of their glory were amazing to see.

the watermelon got a fungus that caused the vines to weather and die.  all the watermelon had to be harvested that one week.  they were SO so good.  this is one homer cut open for the bees to enjoy.  they loved it as much as we did.

the wine grapes in july.  this was their third year at the farm and the first small crop.

a prettier picture of the okra.  i was finally able to bring a mess home for my neighbor.  does anyone else say "mess" for a vegetable harvest of just the right size for a family dinner?  a mess of okra, a mess of squash, a mess of green beans . . . is this southern vernacular?  or just a verbal quirk from my family?

next year i am planting okra and habanero peppers.  i don't eat either one, but they're both so beautiful!

the wine grapes in august!  netted to keep the birds out and ready for harvest!

g thought they were delicious!  he kept eating them and the men kept teasing him about getting "drunk" on the "wine" grapes.  g didn't quite know what to think.  it was really funny.

this is the fruit from the passionflower, tennessee's state wildflower.  apparently, these are edible and quite tasty.  this one isn't quite ripe.  they get a yellow tinge to them when they're ready.

i wish i could have captured one in bloom.  they are so exotic looking and just stunning.  oh well, it will give me something to shoot for next summer!  below are a few links if you'd like to see/know more.

a bee in the beans.  these were really done for the summer, but i managed to find a mess to take home for dinner that night.  ;)

habanero harvest.

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  1. Those watermelon look lovely - and very nice of you to give one to the bees :) Loved this post, so much going on and lots of tasty fruit and vegetables!

  2. oh how wonderful! I grew up on a large garden (in CT) and we never used the term "mess" ... ?

  3. I've never heard the term 'mess' before but I like it! Some lovely harvests there and I think the red habanero wheelbarrow is fab.

  4. Habanero bliss! My husband would love to see that, I'll have to show him when he gets home!
    I love how much your garden produces and how healthy it all looks. I've not used the word 'mess' before like that, but I may just start to now!
    Thanks ever so much for joining in again :)

  5. Oh I love that you posted the passion fruit and flower. I had some of these in the woods of the last property we owned. I had no idea what they were and that they were the state flower. They are so beautiful and exotic as you say. I would love to get some and have on this property. They are so detailed and just simply amazing of their beauty. Ahhhh yes, we say "mess" around here too. I just picked a "mess" of okra today to make a mess for dinner and t share with family. Gotta love the south!

  6. The photo of the green wine grapes is great, it has great depth and color. I love it.