Friday, May 2, 2014

jbs mercantile may reveal!

happy day after may day!  whew!  g and i went camping last weekend with our cub scout family.  fun times!  and this week has been a whirlwind of catching up on housework/yardwork, prepping for state testing (for him and me), and helping to get the jbs mercantile may kits and flea market launched.  whew! indeed!  the may kits are full of color, but in the more muted tones that i love.  there's also a lot of shiny which appeals to the magpie in me.  and hello!  do we all love the fletched arrow digital cut file?!  yes! 

and there will be no slowing down in may!  i have lots of happy scrapping to do with these kits tomorrow for (international) national scrapbook day (after we get back from the cub scout visit to the space center in huntsville, alabama).  i'll be participating over at get it scrapped! jbs will be there as well along with several other paper and digital scrapbooking companies.  that's right!  prizes!  come join us! and the fun doesn't stop there!  i'll be busy scrapping all month with their "page a day in may" shenanigans.  we've been discussing our approach, and i've decided on at least ten minutes a day and 7 layouts a week.  that way i'll have 31 by the end of the month (a page every day just doesn't always work for me).  with that approach, there's still time for you to join in the fun!

and hey!  i madea  video of the may kits.  it's not quite as clear as i'd like.  it looks nice on my phone, but something was lost in translation when i uploaded it.  hmmmmmmm.  i'm going to do a little research and will, hopefully, have better results next time.  see you soon!