Friday, July 31, 2015

wchs: creature feature

i had too many photos for my last wchs post, so i saved out the critters for a bonus post.  i snagged some really cool ones this visit.  the big guy hanging out above reminded me of our trip to visit my sister in texas last summer.  hoping to head over there again next spring for the bluebonnets.

tiny spider and weird fruit/seed pod.

do you see it?!  another hummingbird moth!

and this one even consented to pose for me.  happiness!

gorgeous little beauty.

and one quick snap of a grey butterfly in the mimosa.

wchs: exotics

so, i've been taking pictures of the wildflowers on the ridge at my high school which is just two miles down the road from my house.  you can see them all if you clicking the "wchs" link.

these were taken on august 1st.  i wasn't expecting much as it's been blazing hot here this summer.

boy was i surprised.  so much to see.  so much new stuff.  it's always different up there.  this time i was struck by how exotic it was looking.

tennessee is a gorgeous place.

this is the passion flower, our state wildflower.   have yet to catch it fully opened.  i suspect it blooms in the very early morning or even at night.

guess i need to head back soon to see what these look like when they bloom!

 look more closely . . .

even the grasses are dressed up in pretty blossoms.

i love this little spot right here and am frustrated that i never can quite get a picture of how lovely it really is.

at this point i am curious to know how late into the summer/fall i'll keep finding the pretties.

butterfly bonanza!

it's been an amazing summer for butterflies off my deck.  i mean, how can i not be happy seeing these pretty little bits flying around right outside my back door?

and don't miss the tiny bee coming in for a landing!

 these little guys are adorable in their teddy bear fuzziness.

a perfect ten!

and a swallowtail double!!

 my absolute favorite.

all out there in one afternoon, too.  :)