Wednesday, July 15, 2015

cooa daisy: july planner set up

my planner is a little late to the party this month.  here it is the 15th and i'm just now sharing her.  isn't she worth the wait though.  i have been waiting for these july pages from cocoa daisy for what feels like forever.  i absolutely love their designs.  i am spoiled for any other planners now.

we started out with an ocean theme with anchor, crab, and octopus.  i morphed this into a florida theme by mixing in some flamingos from the add-on options.  perfect!  since i'm heading to florida to visit the family soon.

this was the free downloadable printable calendar that went along with the planner kit.  august's freebie is just as fabulous.

on the left, the "currently makes me happy" page is from the dear lizzy 52 week journal that i purchased as an add-on.  the "goals" title from two pages earlier is also from that journal.  i really liked some of the graphics and prompts from the journal, but didn't want to keep it as a separate journal, so I've been cutting out bits to use in my daily planner.  on the right are a couple project cards from the july ditl kit.  i thought they were perfect for adding a few adventure and book goals for the summer months.

aren't the colors so vibrant this month?  i really, really love them.  it's a good thing august's kit is like a candy shop, or i'd be that much sadder to see july go.  hold on to summer as long as you can . . .

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  1. I always love to see your planner post pop up in my Reader