Friday, July 31, 2015

Florida Photos: Happy 80th Mom!

we had a pretty awesome time in florida this trip.  i was a little more social than usual.  on our first full day there we went fishing behind "the pig" with an old friend from high school.  what a view!

the two cousins each caught a couple little fish.  g caught a couple rocks and then resorted to catching even littler fish with a large mesh dip net.  he has skillz.

next day we did the beach under the pier.  the we really got into making the dribble sandcastles that i used to make when  was a kid.  then g kinda got obsessed with digging a hole to china.

beach selfie.

 my favorite picture this trip.

 shark bait.

they're all growing up way too fast.

 still digging the hole.

 tommy t's ice cream.

when we dropped them off we had to check out their new baby kitties.  i would have loved to take one home with me, but we already have two big ones at home and . . 

there's this.

 next day we went to the beach with cousin many pandy.  g caught me the cutest fish to photograph.

g wants to work at the fish house restaurant now, because cousin charlie used to work there and told him how he got to bring home all the leftover shrimp and steak and scallops and . . .

 the big party for the birthday girl!

that night it was so awesome getting to hang with my cousins that i hadn't seen in like ten years.  we had drinks on the beach, watched the sun set, then listened to a great band at the el governor.

this is my cousin twin.  i was born on her first birthday.  you can see how she's always been cooler than me.

 g in the surf with scuba gear.

digging more holes in the sand.  i told you he was obsessed!  i didn't edit these as i thought it was cool how the lighting changed over the course of the evening.

and then riley showed us how to rock it out all night.  i don't think any of us wanted the evening to end.  :)

all photos taken with my iphone.  collages made in diptic.  some edited in pictapgo.

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