Tuesday, July 7, 2015

quality literature: fahrenheit 451

i pretty much devoured all the american classics back in high school, so i'm not sure how i missed this one.  thank goodness for second chances though; one of my freshman english coworkers handed it to me as i was heading out the door on the last day of school.  summer reading for the teacher!  :)

fahrenheit 451 is a difficult read.  it is only three chapters, however, so it's not too bad.  i read each chapter in one sitting to help maintain the flow and to really just not run the risk of getting lost and having to start over.  it's amazing to think that a book written in the early 1950's could be so relevant today, but wow.  it's spot on relevant.  read, people.  please.

genre: dystopian (was that even a word in 1953?)
setting: a large city in the u.s., sometime in the future
reading level: adult, high school

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