Wednesday, July 8, 2015

summer vacation wrap up: week five

week five was fabulous(ly lazy).  apparently, the highlight was our trip to kroger to restock after d.c.  continuing on with g's current subway obsession, we bought a selection of gourmet deli meats from the actual deli counter.  this was our first time ever.  don't judge.  on our three mile walk that evening he regaled me with every sandwich/pizza combination he could think of with his new treats.  i sent him in early at the 2.5 mile mark.  don't judge.  the above is a stuffed crust wrap base with sprinkle cheese, blazing buffalo chicken, salami, and lettuce to garnish.  my baby is a foodie.

i am not a foodie.  the highlight of the kroger trip for me was the stockpile of eight varieties of kid cereal in the pantry.  i have finally lost the last of the snowmagedddon pounds thank you very much.

the kitties have been enjoying watching the rain fall.  today might actually be our first rain free day this month.  we're having a green july.  i have managed to cut the grass for the third time with the three wheeled mower.  at this point it's become a personal challenge to see how long edward will go before he has to be put out to pasture (those are my grassy lawn legs on the right in case the photos were not making sense to you).

i finally recovered the couch cusions.  my sister says it is "colorful."  what can i say?  i lead a colorful existence.  maybe one day i will be able to afford a new couch, but really why bother with bad kitties in the house?

yep.  so that's it.  another week flown by with only five photos to prove it.  we did actually celebrate the fourth with friends as well as have a sleepover double header, but i shamefully didn't bother taking photos.  my new iphone is scheduled to arrive within the hour.  i just might cry when they turn it on at the verizon store.

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