Friday, December 28, 2012

get it scrapped: red

this one delights me.  i love the sequins, the fun filmstrip, the overlay of washi tape on the photo, and that one lone button on the chevrons.  even more i love reliving this moment.  the little scab on his nose.  oh how i worried my niece would kill me for that one.  seeing him in his little man suit.  the joy on his face.  i think he could have danced till dawn.  he was so adorable and charming.  he makes my heart beat.

this one is featured in an article on the color red over at get it scrapped.  it's a good read.  it was made (mostly) from the november jbs mercantile papercrafting kit, which features jenni's most recent release, red/black extension v, and artisan add-on.

we have a winner!

congratulations CristinaC!  we'll get your class pass sent soon!  :)

This class looks awesome!! Thanks for the chance to win!
2peas: CristinaC

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Peas "Start Here" Workshop with Lisa Truesdell - Giveaway!

I'm very excited to tell you about a new workshop, "Start Here," offered at Two Peas in a Bucket by my talented friend, Lisa Truesdell.  The class is amazing (I've seen it)! and I'm truly honored to have been a participation in the inspiration process.

Start Here mini workshop with Lisa Truesdell

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso

Get a jump on inspiration with Start Here. In this workshop, Lisa Truesdell will give you the tools to turn almost any image into a jumping off point for your next layout. You'll learn to break down images into smaller elements and use them to inspire your page's color combo, design, or even new techniques. We'll talk about finding images you love and identifying what grabbed you about them, and how to put that inspiration to work! Lisa is joined by twelve talented contributors who will each be sharing a page based on one of Lisa's inspiration pieces, as well as their thoughts on finding starting points in unexpected places.

Included in the workshop are 27 brand-new scrapbook pages (15 from Lisa and 12 from her contributors) showcasing a variety of interpretations of inspiration pieces, 3 printable PDFs and 3 brand new videos following Lisa as she makes a layout starting with an inspiration piece.

Lisa's talented contributors include Allison Waken, Ashley Calder, Becky Novacek, Doris Sander, Erica Hernandez, Emily Spahn, Kelly Noel, Kristina Nicolai-White, Laura Kurz, Lexi Bridges, Lisa Dickinson, and Marcy Penner

The content of this workshop will be available immediately upon purchase. The lessons are available for you to work at your own pace and upon purchase can be accessed in the "Workshops" section under "Classes & Events." A private message board forum is also available to ask questions for Lisa and to connect with other participants. Enjoy!

Two Peas is graciously giving away several spots in this brand new workshop! for a spot in start here leave a comment on this post with your two peas username by sunday, december 16th. i'll post a winner on monday morning. if you've already registered, 2peas can refund your class fee or pass your spot along to a friend.  Be sure to check out Lisa's post where you'll find many more opportunities to win!

Monday, December 10, 2012

jbs mercantile: december gallery updates

the jbs mercantile december gallery updates are already live!  i got them up a bit early this month as jenni has a special treat in store, literally in store, an early christmas themed flea market!  oh the cuteness!  there are several rare "made in japan" pieces, handmade by jenni bowlin snowglobes, super cool cameras, and much more!  there are still a few december kits and limited edition kits for sale as well.  it's a great place to shop for all your scrappy besties!

i was apparently into texture on this one with the burlap trim (i pulled the flower from the papercrafting kit apart), faux suede leaves, ribbon tabs, stitching, glitter chipboard alpha, and perfed tags with dangling strings.

Friday, December 7, 2012

December Scrappenings

just wanted to pop in and share a couple things.  first up these two layouts from my december jbs mercantile kits.  i absolutely adore this first layout.  the main kit has this vintage ballot (left) and these diecut word cards (especially nice if you don't have a diecutting machine).  i love all the neutrals in the kit.  they really foster creativity and let the photos take center stage.  i did a little splattering experimentation on them.  the first one was with acrylic paint mixed with water (green) and mist dropped from the mister straw (grey).  like the way it turned out, but was wanting some larger splatters.  thus the second layout. on that one the splatters were done with tim holtz distress ink droppers.  hmmm.  the splatters just stay in a blob and have to be dabbed off with a napkin.  not quite the look i was going for, but hey, it goes with the mad scientist look, right?  planning to get my scrap on this weekend as gallery updates are on the 10th (monday) and i haven't even started any of my december projects!  ack!

the other awesome thing i wanted to mention was that debbie hodge at get it scrapped! and masterful scrapbook design is giving away a free class every day through december 12th!  it's an awesome opportunity, especially if you've never taken an online class before and are curious about the different styles and formats.  hurry on over as today's free class offering is only good through midnight EST!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

get it scrapped: house motifs

this is one i made specifically for the get it scrapped! article, "what's your motif? ideas for using houses on a scrapbook page."  as you can see, it was an absolute delight to create.  the mixing of prints here was SO MUCH FUN.  i'm a firm believer that no scrapper can have too many pieces of patterned paper whether they be full sheets or small bits that are just too pretty to pass on.

i mention this is the article, but i think this was the third time i tried to scrapbook this set of photos.  i simply adore them, but i just couldn't make them work for me on the first two attempts.  i think maybe it was the darkness as i'd printed them prior to learning any real photoshop skills (g sure was a cute little guy back then, wasn't he?).  i think two factors finally made them work this time, the little folk art house and the title directly on the photos.  i talk about the house in the article, so i wanted to mention the title here.  before, it just seemed that the photos were a dark spot on the page.  this time by overlaying that bright cheeful yellow print title across the two photos, they were livened up and in tune with the rest of the page.  it's a trick i must remember the next time i dig into my oldies but goodies of the gman!

if you're interested in a supply list, it's also included in the article mentioned up, but beware! i dug deep into my stash for this one, so there are some oldies but goodies in the scrapbook product department on it as well.  :)

Holiday Open House TODAY at JBS Mercantile!

Our Holiday Open House "Opens" at 10:00 am CST this morning!
You'll find an extravaganza of merry treats sure to get you in the Christmas Spirit, like a selection of four kits designed by Jenni Bowlin . . .

A bundle of hand-selected and specially priced Christmas themed and colored products that are just perfect for this year's December Daily . . .

And some delightful vintage items in our Flea Market, so "truck" on over!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

jbs mercantile: red/black extension v

the november jbs mercantile papercrafting kit features the latest jbs release, red/black extension v.  the design team was just chatting this week about how awesomely easy this line is to work with.  personally, the red leaf print and boy meets girl print are my both my favorites.  i had to get extra sheets since they're the a and b sides of the same sheet of paper!  doh!  oh this page i used a piece of the mini papers sheet which made a nice patchwork effect behind my photo.  it reminds me of all the quilts my grandma made for us growing up and that g still uses today.

i am in love with the trail of vintage ephemera down the right side of the page.  i thought all the numbers played into the theme of you'll always be my baby.  i pulled the thread swirls from one of the vintage bobbins.  i like how they give the trail a feeling of connectedness.

this page is also part of an article on "journaling in the form of a letter" at get it scrapped! this month.  you can read more of my thoughts on the sentiments behind the page as well as a complete supply list there.

Monday, November 12, 2012

get it scrapped!: fall venues

on to the scrappy shares, yes?  anyone want to take bets on how long it takes me to get the 18.5 layouts plus gratitude journal blogged?  seriously.  let's throw out some odds.  i kid.  i kid.

anyone recognize those leaves?  you saw them earlier in the fall garland post!  this is a set of digital cut files that i know i will use again next year.  i've used them three times already this year!  (you'll see them take center stage again in my gratitude journal).

i cut the complete set on a sheet of kraft cardstock.  i then used the side of a credit card to streak a sheet of white cardstock with orange, yellow, and green paint.  the negative space from the leaves was misted with orange just a bit and then overlaid on the painted cardstock.  i also lightly misted a few of the cut leaves and scattered them across the layout.

this one was originally made for the september jbs mercantile gallery.  it is also making an appearance at get it scrapped! in the "scrapbooking orchards, pumpkin patches, and other outdoor fall venues" article.  you'll find more of my thoughts on the page and a complete supply list there.

one down, 18.5 to go!  :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 on the 11th: mustard post

well.  i figure you all were tired of my ketchup posts by now, so i decided i'd do a mustard post this month (please pardon my faulty sense of humor).  at least we have the lovely shimelle around to remind me to blog at least once a month.  sigh.

good news!  i got the jbs mercantile gallery updates loaded last night!  and i've added my two just now which brings the grand total of new fabulousness to 30!  that's worth a looksee for sure!

my sweet potato turned 9 in october!  his last year in single digits.  sniff sniff.  we're still planning his plants vs. zombies birthday party, so stay tuned for that.

i got to plant pansies into my own soil!  i've gotten half of them planted at least.  i need to invest in a trowel before spring that's for sure.  this rocky soil and a kitchen spoon make digging a bit tough.

we've had the most gorgeous fall foilage.  stunning really.  my toes are not stunning.  really.  it was actually g's suggestion to paint them black for halloween.  i thought that was kinda funny as last summer when i bought this bottle of polish he wanted to know why in the world would i ever paint my toes black.  i dunno.  i kinda like the emo toes.

big boy third grader made the honor roll the first nine weeks.  yay!  we actually have high hopes for this year as the times tables are MUCH easier for him that i ever thought they'd be based on his previous track record in the math department.

my pumpkin pie cookies were a huge hit at the cub scout bake sale.  yay!  the cute signs were decorated with some of lisa dickinson's new digital cuts.  fun times.

there has been lots of fort building and sleepovers of late.  you can see g's toesies bottom left and blakes socks top right.  hee.

hilarious, right?  g decided a couple weeks before halloween that he wanted to be a werewold instead fo the pajama king that he'd been talking about all year.  he told me i had to wear my animal control t-shirt.  the really funny part here is that's actually my latest faculty t-shirt from the high school.  ha!

g has started calling himself the cat whisperer.  it is THE most bizarre thing to me.  chichi, the one on the right, has NEVER liked g.  did the lean when he's try to pet her and would run off he he didn't take the hint.  since we've moved into the new place she actually LIKES him.  will even crawl in his lap OF HER OWN FREE WILL.  strange.  very strange.

g went to his first wrestling practice wednesday.  i was a bit worried, but he LOVED it!  raised his hand to ask the coach when the next practice was.  yea!  maybe we've found a sport for him finally. 

hope your week's off to a good start!  i counted.  i have 18 unposted layouts.  craziness, right?  i need to get busy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

magical maple leaf mantel

i guess you noticed i just posted last week's blog hop.  i thought i published it wednesday, but i found it still in draft just now.  ooops.  so.  let's say you leave a comment on this post and i'll pick a winner this friday.  yes?  by the way, this is my mantel in it's current state.  i haven't been doing much unpacking still.  i did take the time to make a sweet fall garland though.  i love it!
i blatantly copied lisa dickinson's idea.  you blatantly copy lisa dickinson, right?  i thought so.  she is awesome.  she designed these maple leaf cuts too.  they're my favorite.

this garland was super easy to make.  the jbs cuts are .dxf files which means they download directly to the silhouette cameo.  NO EXTRA STEPS NECESSARY.  believe me, if doris can do it, it's easy.

three of the leaves have titles on them in the cut file.  i found that if i clicked on the words it would grab parts of them and then hitting delete would get rid of them.  i just kept clicking on the word bits and hitting delete till i got the titles all off.

i then cut five sets of the leaves.  three of these sets had both sides in appropiate colors for my garland.  two of the sets had brightly colored prints that didn't match.  it was these two sets that i cut into three pieces per leaf.  i then layered these pieces onto the whole leaves and stitched the edged to get the quilted look.

i then just stapled my leaves to a piece of yarn and hung it on my new mantel.  i feel festive even if my house is still a mess. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

JBS Halloween Treats Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Jenni Bowlin Studio "Halloween Treats Blog Hop!"  Indeed we do have lots of treats for you! 

First up, I want to share this sweet little fall leaf banner I made for my mantle.  Now right now the banner is a mess as I'm still not unpacked from the big move, but at least it has a little fall style now thanks to Lisa Dickinson and her Maple Leaves Digital Cut Files!  I LOVE them!  I totally took this idea for the quilted leaves from her layout and card in the October gallery.  These were SO easy to make!  i'll post a few tips (and better pictures) tomorrow!

We are very excited with our debut line of digital cuts. These are SO user friendly with the Cameo!  Leave a comment here as to your favorite fall tradition and I'll choose a winner Saturday at 6:00pm CST to receive all four sets!

Speaking of the Cameo, we've got a great deal to offer you on it!  Enter the code -  jbshalloweenbonanza - at checkout for a sweet deal on it.  I have to tell you that this machine has revitalized my scrapbooking.  Truly.  It's that good, and you know I'm not so much into the technology.

And if you, like me, are not so much into the technology or just want to love your new Cameo a little more, then this class is for you.  It is PACKED with information and support.  Packed!  Read more about it on Amanda Jones Robinson's blog.

We've got more giveaways to share as well!  If you hop over to Jenni Bowlin's blog you can be entered to win this delightful handmade Halloween house!

And if you hop over to the JBS Inspiration Blog you can enter to win your choice of the three MEGA KITS that just went on sale.  These are amazing prices at 65% to 75% below retail!

Don't forget to stop at all the other hot Halloween hopping spots along the way for more chances to win!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 on the 10th(ish): ketchup post

i knew i shouldn't brag about blogging.  the big move has gotten me so behind.  eeps.  at least i figure shimelle's 10 on the 10th post is a good opportunity for getting caught up here.  now getting caught up on life is going to take a lot longer.  sigh.

i've been a busy girl at get it scrapped!  there are tons of new articles up (daily inspiration!) including "ideas for using menswear inspired patterns on your scrapbook pages" which features this page.  the title on it actually came from the topic assigned.  this layout was also included in september's masterful scrapbook design, "on trend."  i'm currently gearing up for november's masterful scrapbook design, "scrapbooking old photos."  busy busy busy!
another amazing experience i've been involved in is get it scrapped's new guided-study critique groups.  our last group meeting is tonight, but yay! we've got another session starting the end of the month (i believe there are only 3 spots left right now).

i got the jbs mercantile gallery updates loaded late last night.  it's well worth a visit as there are 32 beautiful new projects, including four from our newest designer, karine cazenave-tapie.  i have 3 belated projects myself, but really need to make tons more with the super fab october kits.
we announced the new jbs ambassadors design team.  so excited to be working with these talented girls in the upcoming year.

onto a more personal note.  we're currently getting our christmas craft on, wrapping styrofoam balls with strips torn from old goodwill oxfords.  they're so pretty!

we're wrapping them while listening to tracie's christmas pandora station in sherri's cabin in gatlinburg.  good friends, good eats, and good fun in a gorgeous environment.  yes!

g has already had 3 playdates at the new house.  on this past one they played roblox irl with packing boxes.  fun!

we took a walk on the greenway right before the big move.  i love the watching the changing seasons there and took lots of instagrams.

we had a great cub scout campout at lannom farms.  g finally conquered his fear of heights enough to climb up on the big hay bales.  hooray!

g has started loosing his canines.  i was a bit nervous when they started wiggling until i googled it and realized he had another set he hadn't lost yet that were due out at 9 (which he turns in 9 more days).  of course, the tooth fairy wasn't prepared, so she had to write a check.  at least we had the cute tooth fairy pillow to stuff it in.  thanks bridgette!

and that's about it, more or less.  :)