Saturday, February 28, 2015

instagram: #fatmumslim

i tried #fatmumslim's #fmsphotoaday challenge for the first time this month and loved it.  the prompts are fabulous and her examples/picks are so inspiring.  i added in my own "things i love theme" to the mix a la alissa fast and it was perfect and so easy.  so easy that i'm going for a third month with this photo a day thing.  i've decided on a roy g. biv theme in honor of st. patrick's day.  so sunday's will be red, monday's orange, tuesday's yellow, wednesdays green, thursdays (aqua) blue, fridays (true blue) indigo, saturdays violet.  i think it will make for a pretty calendar at the end of the month.  :)

cocoa daisy: march "hello again" sneaks

 Cocoa Daisy March "Hello Again" Sneaks!  Come join us for the big reveal tonight at 7:00 CST.

so far, i have three layouts and four project life pages and still going strong . . .

Friday, February 27, 2015

calvinball 2015: the time is now

it's that time again.  CALVINBALL TIME!  (aka celeste stress season).  if you're a scrapbooker, you'll want to be HERE.  the game starts March 1st.  prepping starts now.  celeste and i have even made a calvinball appearance on the digital scrapbooking hq podcast.  give it a listen.  and then come play with us.  you won't remember when you've ever had so much fun.  (cuz "the rules" will blow your mind ;).

Thursday, February 26, 2015

a southern snow day: 2015

well, pepito made it a little farther afield on this day.  he must have sensed it was somehow different from our ice day last week.

indeed, i felt it too.  and heard it.  the sun was already out, bright and happy, and melting the snow away by the time i made it outside with my camera.  i could hear the merry snow melt trickles.  it just felt and sounded like spring.  and a forecast of 65 and rainy by tuesday certainly helped too.  go spring!

can you believe these pansies are still alive?  maybe not thriving, but certainly alive and even blooming.  and we hit zero degrees last week.  pansies are rock stars.

i'm curious to see how my strawberry bed will do.  this is the first year that i've had plant babies coming back from the year before.

 i am especially anxious for the blueberries.

and these little carrots and cabbages have been here since november and are still green.  how crazy is that?  will there be a little carrot down there?

and will the cabbages actually make heads now that the sun is shining on them daily?  time will tell.

teeny sedums!

my first little harbingers of spring!

 grow, babies, grow!

and this is my current pride and joy.  i've managed to keep my cilantro, oregano, and german thyme alive all winter long.  i left it on the deck as much as possible, only bringing it in when temps dipped below the mid-twenties.  plants are incredibly resilient.  

and ironically, it was just last week during our frigid ice week when these babies were nestled under the kitchen window that they finally started to grow again.

just look at all that sweet, spindly, baby, spring green!

i think we shall have some more tortilla soup with homegrown cilantro soon!

and now i must deal with the lazy slug infestation on the couch.  there is spring cleaning to do, after all.  :)

joining with mammasaurus and "how does your garden grow?"

Monday, February 23, 2015

couterfeit kit club: jurassic park

i'm delighted to be joining in with the counterfeit kit club once more this month, and am happy to get this fun memory scrapbooked.  i found this random photo on my iphone one day and asked my son about it.  turns out he had been playing pretend.  he was in jurassic park and expecting a trex to pop through those trees at any moment!  notice my added teeth on the right. ha!

be sure to continue on the blog hop and see what awesome creations the other ladies have created!

next up ------- >  Jemma

moleskine: journaling with a first grader

well, i have still been plunking along in my little mokeskine.  sometimes i get way behind and think about ignoring it, forgetting about it, putting it aside . . .

i was at work contemplating taking the "travel" out of my travel journal (aka taking it out of my purse and stashing it in a dark corner somewhere) when much to my delight i discovered my little first grader had a travel journal too.  my enthusiasm for the project was instantly rejuvenated it.  it's like that sometimes, isn't it?  finding a like minded soul is often just what is needed to make life exciting once more.  i immediately pulled mine out so we could "ooh" and "aah" over each others work and then set out to add a fresh page in each . . .

mine and hers, side by side . . .

she journals with both pictures and words.  hey!  i do that too!

does this look familiar?

 she journals about her family . . . 

hey!  i do that too!  g skiing . . .

pepito . . .

chichi . . .

we also both journal about the holidays and other random things . . .

cocoa daisy treats and outback with friends . . .

a birthday celebration at work . . .

a gift from a student and a really good book . . .

i am still puttering along through february.  it's a fun little project and a treat to look back on, especially when i can share it with friends like her and you.  :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

the b&w photography project: ice day 2015

these go along with my ice photos from earlier in the week.  as i was editing them, i checked to see which would look nice in black and white.  when i came across a photo that looked equally well in color and in black and white, i went back and looked for a similar one to use as the black and white.  this worked well as my first run through my photos i was noticing the lighting that works well in color photography and often a shot with less brilliant lighting will have more contrast to work nicely in black and white.  i'm enjoying learning more about black and white photography through trial and error.


joining in with the b&w photography project on podcast.

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg