Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cocoa Daisy: October Game Plan

Hello Friends!

I've got a little blog post up over at Cocoa Daisy with my plans for tackling my kit this month.

I also have plans for getting caught up with my October blog posts today which includes getting started on the Florida pics.  Stay tuned . . .

But while you're waiting, I found a vlog that I enjoy watching over and YouTube and my new favorite vloggers were in Nashville!  So fun!

See you again real soon!

Doris  :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

hopping fences: ironweed

i finally took the time to look up this purple beauty as well.  it's ironweed and currently blooming in profusion with the goldenrod.  if you've never seen an empty hayfield in the late afternoon sunlight, i would highly recommend you find one to visit asap.  simply stunning.

fence hopping: preparing to hibernate

fence hopping again.  i remembered to wear shoes and long pants this time.  probably though i should stick to jeans.  anyone know how to get grass stains out of pink pants?

i was pretty excited to find this patch of fritillaries. there must have been six or eight of them.  i was curious about them being out this late in the season, so i finally looked up the overwintering of butterflies.  a few migrate (monarch's and buckeyes) and some even overwinter as adults.  most, however, hibernate in the caterpillar stage in leaf litter.  interesting.  sweet dreams little ones . . . :)

cocoa daisy: october cuteness

if i had to pick just one word for the october cocoa daisy kits, it would be cute.  squealworthy cute.  i really piled it on with this layout too.  hee.  and i still have to make a "foxy selfie" layout this month.  fun times ahead!  :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

down a dirt road: goldenrod and thistle

down a dirt road: butterfly hunting

 sometimes you just need to take a walk and immerse yourself in nature.  so glad i live in the country.

all decked out in my butterfly hunting gear (your never fully dressed without a smile :).