Thursday, September 10, 2015

youtube: enabling

i kind of love my new midori traveler's notebook.  i've decided it's a sensory thing.  the leather cover smells so good.  i love the feel of it in my hands.  the sound of the pages turning is delightful.  seriously, when people gush about the quality of midori paper, there is truth to it.  i mean, look how it takes ink.  awesomeness.  and visually i am just so inspired.  i made a little video of last week's shopping spree.  i haven't been this excited about buying new crafty supplies in ages.  and if you're looking for a cool new chick to follow on youtube, check out ali brown.  she is funny, heartwarming, and an excellent videographer.  also, there will be more enabling.  you're welcome.  :)

oh!  and if you do watch my video, you'll be proud to note that i did indeed use that jungle kitty washi tape already!  and you may notice that i forgot to share the new metallic tim holtz distress stains in my swatches.  doh!  i opened them yesterday and they are amazing!  will have to make another video soon!  also, i wanted to mention that i am careless with my distress stains and totally layer one on top of the other.  i am actually careful to only layer dark colors over light colors though.  if you layer a light color over a dark color, you will definitely stain your tip.  you should probably be more careful that i am and use a paintbrush or baby wipe or something.  also, i am loving the versafine.  and also i am in a hurry to type this before school, so i am not doing a proper job with the english language.  ooops.


  1. Oh, this makes me want to rush out and buy one :). But there is no way the pages would look as good as this. I love the combination of photos and writing and paint ... oh, and washi tape!

  2. It's definitely a sensory thing. It looks all crackly and crunchy and flippy and foldy and I just want to hold it in my hands!